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Mike Ritland describes our K9s as “not your typical house pets” in his book, Trident K9 Warriors and Navy SEAL Dogs.

A working dog in a combat environment, especially with our Special Operations Forces, must have a rare blend of physical traits and a certain temperament. These K9s have been specially selected from specific breeds depending on the role they will perform. As puppies, they are observed and trained (worked) by the military or law enforcement, and as they mature, the handler will understand more about its abilities and characteristics and be able to decide if they are suited for the job. These K9s, if they do enter service, undergo rigorous workouts, have special diets, and require a bond of mutual respect with their handler. The relationship with a handler is special and devoted.

Because of their temperaments, training, the demand of operational environments, and experiences in the field, the dogs return home with special mental and physical needs that cannot be met by the average citizen. If they are deemed unadoptable, they are euthanized because there is nowhere else for them to go. We provide a safe haven for them while they are being rehabilitated until they can be placed in a forever home. The Warrior Dog Foundation provides a sanctuary away from urban & suburban exposure. We have expert caregivers who rehabilitate the K9s, bathe them, help them recover from mental and physical stress, and feed them a specialized diet. It is our privilege to give these K9s the retirement and respect they deserve. Donate to The Warrior Dog Foundation today to join our efforts to honor those who served our country and communities!

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‘These dogs have saved countless lives and prevented innumerable horrific injuries. As a nation, we owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude’~Mike Ritland These dogs have done so much for us, and they don’t deserve to be put down. They deserve rest, respect, and a dignified retirement. To date, we have rehabilitated and rehomed over 170 K9s. When you donate to The Warrior Dog Foundation, you help us give more hero dogs a chance at a peaceful life after service.